Top 5 Pet Peeves Health & Fitness Professional

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As a health and fitness professional, what are your top 5 pet peeves when training a client or potential client’s?

  • When some say they can’t do something before they even try.
  • Letting excuses get the best of you Lack of confidence
  • Lack of mobility
  • Laziness
  • After training someone they go back to their old habits.
  • Having a million excuses.
  • Less talking during a workout session and more putting in the work.
  • Having clients tell you how they worked with their last trainer and expect the same type of training.
  • A naive person who thinks they can get quick results but slack at putting the work in.
  • When telling someone what to do to achieve their goal and they not do it and then complain about not reaching their goal.
  • Letting fear get in the way of training
  • Complaining about things being difficult
  • Talking instead of working out or trying to distract me


  • Have more confidence in yourself. Be your biggest
  • Just try. Don’t make any excuses just do it.
  • Get up and move(workout, take a class, go for a walk, Set goal and get organized, chase the kids)
  • Set goal and get organized
  • Follow-ups
  • Positive affirmation and reinforcing the importance of exercise
  • If you’re a talker, your not serious and no longer will work with them
  • Explain all trainers aren’t the same Hold slackers accountable
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