How do I get abs?

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Do you feel you go to the gym and still struggle with achieving abs? You may be consuming a lower caloric intake and This can be quite annoying and frustrating.

Why do people struggle with achieving this goal?

  1. Lack of consistency
  2. Lack of dedication
  3. Lack of understanding

Understand if you want abs, it’s starts with diet/nutrition It does not matter how hard you go in the gym. If your not putting the right food in your body. All that work you put in the gym will mean nothing.

Your abdomen is a muscle also. When training for muscle growth diet/nutrition is key along with time under tension.Time under tension promotes muscle growth. Same concept applies to the midsection

7 TIPS To Getting Ripped Abs

  1. Drink water: Most of us don’t consume enough water. When the body doesn’t get enough water, the water it does intake will be stored for later usage.
  2. Limit sugars: Sugars(especially artificial) are a main component of why getting abs and losing weight around the midsection is so difficult.
  3. Consume protein & Good Fats: Abs are the muscle definition of the stomach. Feeding your body protein and good fats helps muscle growth.
  4. Rotational Movements:The body is designed to move.Your core plays a major role when it comes to rotational movements. Performing rotational movements is a great way to work core engagement.
  5. Strength training: full body workouts, resistance training, body weight training. Are excellent ways to achieving abs.
  6. Cardio- circuit training, running, jogging, etc, helps with blood circulation and increasing your metabolism.
  7. Diet/Nutrition: Abs are made in the kitchen

You don’t need to perform 100’s of sit-ups or core exercise.You won’t get abs that way.. if you want abs cook them up in the kitchen

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