13 Tips to Get rid of Unwanted Belly Fat

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My name is Derick Santiago, NASM. Originally from The Bronx, Lived in Washington DC for 5 years, currently living in Los Angeles California. My goal is the longevity of life.

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Athletic performance, and weight management.

If you’re struggling with weight loss you’re not alone. Due to our bad diet, most Americans are obese or overweight. The American Diet isn’t the best, and the American lifestyle makes fast food easily accessible to us. This causes us to develop bad habits and addictions.


Sugar is highly addictive, its more addictive than the drug cocaine. Most of the carbohydrates we consume are sugars, and not good sugars, coming from fruits, the sugars we consume are artificial. Here’s a link to my blog to learn more about being addicted to sugar. Are you a sugar-addicted Our food also contains lots of sodium. Salt is and sugar is what we crave the most. And too much of either isn’t good for weight loss around the belly.

Most people get frustrated , which leads to discouragement. What causes people to get frustrated? Lack of results, lack of knowledge, and the unwillingness to do further research.

HERE ARE 7 Diet Tip Unwanted Belly Fat

  1. Avoid Salts-salt(sodium) retains water. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body uses sodium to store water for hydration.
  2. Drink More Water-keep yourself hydrated so your body doesn’t have to store water
  3. Drink Green Tea- Green tea is packed with antioxidant, anticancer agents, & supports brain health.
  4. Cinnamon- Rich in manganese, iron, calcium, and fiber. Cures diarrhea, indigestion, and bloatedness.
  5. Eat More Fiber-Supports heart health and bowel movements.
  6. Consume fatty acids- as a form of energy instead of consuming carbs. Food in good fats are chia & flax seeds, fish, oats, avocados, blackberries, and other foods with fatty acids.
  7. Consume Probiotics – live bacteria that play a role in weight loss and weight management.

HERE ARE 6 ExerciseTipsTo Unwanted Belly Fat

  1. Abdominal Workouts-crunches/situps target the whole abdomen, leg lifts for lower abdomen, & different plank variations.
  2. Circuit Style Training- hiit, taking a fitness class, are a couple example of circuit style training.
  3. Weekly Cardio- Good for the cardiovascular system.
  4. Aerobic Exercise- Full body workouts, pilates, yoga, are a few different examples of aerobic exercise.
  5. Perform Rotational Movements-Helps to strengthen the midsection
  6. Strength Training- will boost your metabolic rate, will build muscle and burn fat.
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