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Hello, my name is Derick Bryson-Santiago the creator of HiddenFitSecrets. I’m originally from the from The Bronx, New York. Where my fitness journey started. I grew up very active, I played basketball all throughout high school and was trained in mixed martial arts, and self-defense. During my years in college in Virginia and Washington DC I would train frequently in the gym. People would ask me all the time “how do I get abs like yours”? I would show people the workouts I would do and that’s how the becoming of a fitness coach started. After college I got certified as a personal trainer and started my journey. I gained some experience while I was living in Washington DC as a personal trainer, group trainer, bootcamp instructor, and I even did some water aerobics. With my gained experience I then moved to Los Angeles to further my career. I have been a certified personal trainer for 5 years with specifications in corrective exercise and athletic performance. I have certifications through NASM and ISSA.My time as a trainer I have trained many of clients from high level athletes to the everyday person working 40 plus hours a week. My philosophy on training is taking the everyday person and turning them into athletes. It’s not about just looking good but making sure your body can perform. I’ve been in the fitness industry a good amount of time to understand the struggles people have with diet/nutrition, weight loss, bad habits, building muscle and how hard and confusing it can be when looking up information on health and fitness. I created HiddenFitSecrets to give people a place where they can get help on health and fitness without the confusion. I tell you the truth and facts on how the industry plays on the bad habits and insecurities of people, why you struggle with results even if you’re working with a trainer, and I teach simple methods that people of all fitness levels can do that will increase mobility, functional movements, strength, power, and will help keep the unwanted weight off. I also help people understand the basics of nutrition and what they can do to help them develop better habits.

Hidden Fit Secrets